The Problem With The Female Body


Watched a couple of days ago an interview with comedian-actress-celebrity Joan Rivers on Shrink Talk. The interviewer Pamela Connolly is a psychiatrist who talks to her guests about difficult subjects in their lives. For Ms. Rivers the one most traumatic thing in her life is her body. She hates her body, thinks it’s fat and discusting. She can’t think of a one single thing that she likes about it which to me seems so sad. A woman in her seventies still hasn’t been able to come to terms with her own body. What a waste, spending countless hours worrying how you look to others, undergoing plastic surgery in search of the ever elusive perfect beauty. Of course Ms. Rivers isn’t alone with her problem. Women all over are looking in the mirror shunning away from the reflection because of their distorted body image. Why should this be? Media plays a part for sure. All these images of perfect(ly photoshopped) female bodies coming at us from every angle. You can’t really ever become like them but you can sure try. Or is it that women just have this uncoscius need to feel bad about something? When you’re successful, rich and/or famous you have to “pay” for it somehow.

Oh well, I’m just pretty happy that in my late twenties I learned to accept myself as I am. Sure, sometimes I still feel self-conscious about the way I look but it doesn’t bother me on a daily basis. It just kind of saddens me that a woman like Ms. Rivers, popular, idolized and loved, should still feel that way about herself.


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