British Film Institute has done a great cultural deed by releasing Peter Watkins’  1967 film Privilege (starring Paul Jones) on region 2 dvd. This film was impossible to see anywhere for decades. If I recall correctly only one copy of the film exists at Universal studios, there’s not even a copy at the BFI archives. Universal studios wasn’t interested in releasing the film but thanks to BFI it is now available to anyone interested. And I truly am, for years I wanted to see this film that launched Paul Jones’ film career and starred also 60’s super model Jean Shrimpton. Privilege tells the story of Steven Shorter, the greatest pop star of all time, whose success is used to control and manipulate fan masses. Steven Shorter is merely a (unwilling) puppet in the government’s scheme to keep UK’s youth in control. Even the Church of England isinvolved in this plan. Truthfully, the film is in places a bit corny and in desperate need of editing. However, Paul Jones and Jean Shrimpton do a good job. The best thing about Privilege is (as I interpreted it) the theme or message which is that people are, as it were, sheep. Too eager to follow the crowd and too lazy to think for themselves. What the world needs is originality and critical thinking. That is a message that never grows old.


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