Halfway Through


After four episodes of Being Human Series 3 it’s time to reflect.  First of all, the gang is now living in Wales instead of Bristol. They rent this run-down former B&B. I kind of miss that old flat, so much meaningful events took place there. The B&B is (too) dark and depressing, even with that Hawaiin wallpaper. Mitch is trying to lie low after Box Tunnel 20, brooding and torturing himself more than ever. In the first episode he is obsessed with rescuing Annie from purgatory. Trying to atone for his sins by saving someone he loves. George and Annie try to live as normal as possible, finding work at the local hospital. It’s a shame that their wish for normalcy is so hard to fulfill. If it isn’t zombies disturbing their lives, it’s teenage vampires, rogue werevolves or extra-sleazy vampires. In four episodes we’ve been introduced to several fascinating characters not always knowing if they’ll return for more. Who is going to be there for the end game? While Mitch is living with constant guilt, George and Nina have to face a life-changing challenge. These four episodes have been a good mix of comedy and tragedy, grief and passion. All the signs imply that we are in for a shocking season ending. I’m afraid and yet intrigued how it all ends…

Annie and Mitch hear some shocking news in "The Pack"

Annie and Mitch hear some shocking news in "The Pack"



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