Me No Likey


I’m not afraid to admit that I don’t like Lord of the Rings -trilogy. Actually I pretty much detest them. I can’t believe I wasted perfectly good money to see them in cinema, not to mention the hours of my life I’m never getting back. Why such antipathy? Well, rarely have I seen such pompous melodramatics and overacting on screen. Between all the overflowing Feelings, Meaningful Lines, forced comic reliefs and the cheesy, infantile plot it’s amazing I got out of the theatre without losing my lunch. So there you have it.  And then, about a week ago the cast of The Hobbit is revealed. My beloved Aidan Turner is going to play some character called Kili. Somehow I didn’t appreciate the news. I guess it’s a great opportunity for Aidan but… if he’ll spend the next year or so filming in New Zealand there’s no hope of BH Series 4? And we can definitely forget about Being Human convention any time soon. No BH convention is going to sell tickets without Aidan. Being Human cons have a pretty bad track record anyway. Massive Events has tried to make it happen two times but no luck.

Okay Aidan, go to New Zealand but come back soon!


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