Movie Monday #10 – Who Would You Be?


Challenge #10: If you could live in movie, which movie would that be? Who would play you in a movie?

How I wish life could be an old non-animated Disney movie! Good clean fun, always laughter and sunshine and nothing truly bad ever happens to you. Wouldn’t that be just awesome? And it wouldn’t get boring, Disney films are never dull. I so wish I could have been a student at Medfield College, the alma mater of Dexter Riley. Or how about hanging out with Patty, Canoe and DC and catching bank robbers in a nice quite suburb somewhere in California? Or travelling on the island of Crete with Nikky and Mark? And Merlin Jones and Jennifer, never a dull moment with them (or with Jack )! Also Paris would be amazing to see with the Willards. The list is endless! So many adorable films, I could never choose just one.

My ideal choice to play me in a movie would be Lucille Ball. Actually, she would be the only choice as the loudmouth red-headed librarian that is me.



2 Responses to “Movie Monday #10 – Who Would You Be?”

  1. Marja Says:

    Well, what a wonderful Disney world *pun so totally intended!* you have imagined for yourself :). Lucille Ball, one of my all time favourite female comedians!

    • grezilda Says:

      Lucille Ball is my fave comedian ever! Jerry Lewis is a very close second. ❤

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