Movie Monday #15 – Movies That Everyone Hates But Me


Challenge #15 :  What is the movie that you love but everyone else seems to hate?

I can’t name just one. I guess I’d have to say old Finnish films in general. Most people don’t seem to have a lot of love for the products of  “The Golden Age of Finnish Film”. Surely, there are many films that are badly done, childish, amateurish, ridiculous, pompous and just over the top in every way possible. Like Tuhottu Nuoruus (1947), now there’s a film that should have never been made, even Helena Kara can’t save that mess. But there are real gems to be found in Finnish film history. Like the drama Ihmiset suviyössä (1948) based on F.E. Sillanpää’s novel, directed by Valentin Vaala. The beauty of summer, the intensity of human emotions, I think no one has captured it better on film before or since. And how about comedies? One of the funniest Finnish films must be Hilman päivät (1954) based on Agapetus’ play, directed by Matti Kassila. The film depicts (mostly) a day in the life of miscellaneous characters in a very small town somewhere in the Finnish countryside. The cast is filled with top actors such as Matti Ranin, Tauno Palo and Aino Mantsas.

Unfortunately, when I talk about my love for the old Finnish film, I get a lot of frowns. But you can’t judge old films by contemporary standards which is what many people seem to do. You have to accept a certain amount of flaws even in the best of films. Once you get pass the occasional poor sound quality or shaky camera work and give the story a chance, you can actually enjoy the film.


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