Watching Doris Day, vol. 1


Romance on the High Seas. That’s were it all began. Doris Day’s film career that is. The story is silly. A suspicious wife hires a nightclub singer Georgia (Doris Day) to cruise under her identity so she can stay on and spy on her husband. Equally suspicious husband hires a private detective Peter (Jack Carson) to follow the wife onboard  the cruise ship. Funny misunderstandings ensue and the end result is easy to guess. But nevermind, the only reason why one would watch this film is the ever enchanting Doris Day. She sings like no other and she makes the film worthwhile. My favourite scene is when Georgia goes to the ship’s bar and has the following conversation:

Georgia: I’d like to get higher than a kite.
Bartender: (glances at his watch)Yes madame, what shall it be?
Georgia: I don’t know, I don’t drink.
Bartender: Oh well how about…
Georgia: (sees the band rehearsing) Nevermind, I’ll get my kicks my way. Just forget it.

And then she sings Put ‘Em In A Box, Tie ‘Em With A Ribbon. ❤

Here is a clip of Doris singing It’s Magic. It certainly is!


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