Watching Doris Day, vol. 2


Caprice. One of the last films Ms. Day ever did. After this only two. In 1967 Doris’ status as the number one film star was dwindling. The world and show business had changed dramatically. This film didn’t exactly help her career. But why not? As a comedy, the film is quite decent. Doris does a good job (like always). But the plot is silly and complicated. Frankly, I would have expected better from director Frank Tashlin (who directed some of the greatest Jerry Lewis comedies ever) but I guess a good director can go only so far with a weird script? As it were, Caprice is a bit of messy mix of slapstick comedy, spy thriller and romance in one. Furthermore, Richard Harris & Doris Day is an odd pairing. There is no real chemistry between them. Or maybe there is but it’s lost in the intricacies of the plot. Harris is too young, too British (actually he was Irish) and too cocky in the part of Christopher White. Doris Day as Patricia Foster is sweet and funny and very well-dressed!! I love the overall look of the film. It’s so… 1960s and colourful and fun and beautiful!

By the way, any Doris fan in London this December is oh so lucky! The BFI presents a selection of Doris’ films, among them Pillow Talk and Love Me Or Leave Me to name a few. Kuva


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