“Through cowardice, we shall all be saved”


I can’t praise James Garner enough! He is an awesome actor and I remembered just how awesome when I watched again The Americanization of Emily (1964). Wonderful movie, wonderful star(s)! An American naval officer Charlie Madison (James Garner) is a self-proclaimed coward. He intends to navigate through World War 2 without actually seeing any combat. Unfortunately, his commander has this persistent idea that on D-day (Normandy landing) the first dead man on Omaha beach must be a sailor…  Charlie has no intention to be that particular sailor, for he has found true love in the form of a spirited and beautiful English woman called Emily (Julie Andrews). There is a real lesson to be learned in this film. And that lesson is that there is no honor in war. War is awful, despicable and just sad and no one should glorify it. James Garner is excellent as Charlie. He is dashing and charismatic. And for Charlie, well he is no coward, just sensible and realistic in his approach to the idea of war.

I first noticed James Garner in The Great Escape but that film was all about Steve McQueen for me. The Americanization of Emily is truly James Garner’s show. I also loved Garner’s more recent role on television in 8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter. He played grandpa Jim Egan and was totally charming and funny. At the age 75+ he hadn’t lost his charisma one bit. ❤


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