Movie Monday #128 Summer Challenge: The Best of the 80s


Movie Monday challenge #128: 10 best films of the 80s.

In my opinion, the Eighties wasn’t the best decade in film. But there are some gems! One might argue if these are actually The Best films of the 80s but they are my favourites for various reasons.

The Outsiders. You loved the book, now love the film!

Private Benjamin. A woman takes charge of her own life. Goldie Hawn is excellent in this film.

Housekeeping. Aunt Sylvie does not conform to bourgeois lifestyle. Good for her.

Hannah and Her Sisters. Woody Allen knows, relationships are hard…

Varjoja paratiisissa (Shadows in Paradise). Working class life in it’s best and worst.

The Four Seasons. Midlife crisis according to Alan Alda.

Gloria. Gena Rowlands is so cool.

On Golden Pond. Lovely, bittersweet film.

Just One of the Guys. So funny! Why is it that men pretending to be women is such a common topic for comedy? When clearly women pretending to be men is just as hilarious!

The Hunter. Steve McQueen as a bounty hunter. It’s not a masterpiece but a sympathetic film. And did I mention Steve McQueen?






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