Public Library, My Love


The library is the most important cultural service in Finland. That’s why the newly elected conservative right-wing government wants to ruin the Finnish Library Act by giving municipalities the freedom to choose whether to arrange library and information services at all? We are in a recession, municipalities will gladly take any opportunity to cut costs. Unfortunately, you can’t calculate social and economic benefits of culture or art or even education. The new government is also planning cuts to other important public services (adult education centers, museums, art and music schools) which will probably have far-reaching effects. Can we really afford to make lifelong learning, creativity nurturing or information seeking more difficult, impossible even? No we can not. So keep your mitts off our libraries, Prime Minister Sipilä!



2 Responses to “Public Library, My Love”

  1. libraryguy Says:

    The same thing is happening in the UK, unfortunately.

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