Roger Moore: My Word Is My Bond – Summer Reading Classic Film Book vol. 3


I didn’t plan to read Sir Roger Moore’s memoir but the book happened to be at hand and I had some time so why not! The book is an easy read. Moore is a funny guy and he writes with humor. And he doesn’t forget self-irony. That sense of humor is actually the reason why he is my favourite James Bond even though aesthetically I prefer the 60’s Bond films. Moore brought comedy to the role.

Moore recounts his life and career and there are many interesting anecdotes. However, as a cat lover I didn’t appreciate the anecdote about the film North Sea Hijack. Apparently there are a lot of cats in the film and the cats were slightly sedated during filming so they would be easier to handle. James Mason, Moore’s co star and a cat lover as well didn’t appreciate that either 😛 The thing about reading film star biographies and memoirs is that you hardly ever have seen all the films that are mentioned in the book. While reading about unusual filming conditions and funny incidents on the set you wish you’d seen the film.

Besides his celebrated career in film and television Sir Roger Moore is also a humanitarian and works as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador. It was good to read about Moore’s endeavours as a spokesman for underprivileged children.



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