Old Film Magazines


I bought two old Finnish film magazines from a second-hand bookshop. Filmin kasvot was published between 1945 and 1949, Elokuva-aitta between 1932 and 1968. On the cover of Elokuva-aitta (5/1948) is one of my favourite film stars, Lea Joutseno. On the cover of Filmin kasvot (3/1946) is of course Hedy Lamarr.


These magazines are so adorable, sweet and innocent. Clearly meant for the young female film fan. There are articles about international films and Finnish films as well. And Hollywood gossip 😛 There is a column for readers to ask questions about film stars and how to send letters asking for an autograph.


What I like the most is that there are reviews of films from non-English-speaking countries. Like in Filmin kasvot there is a short review of a Norwegian film Vi vil leve (1946) and a Danish film De røde enge (1945). These days it is quite rare in Finland to see international films in mainstream cinemas. Or to even read about them in (women’s) magazines. If I wanted to see either of these films, would it be possible? De røde enge is available on dvd in a Danish online store but… no subtitles. I might understand some Danish but hardly enough.





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