The Bionic Woman – Black Magic S2 E7


This post is part of The Favourite TV Show Episode Blogathon.

Black Magic was probably the first episode of The Bionic Woman that I ever saw and it remains one of my favourites. The plot is pretty typical for TBW. Jaime Sommers (Lindsay Wagner) is assigned a task to impersonate Tracy Carstairs, a member of the infamous Carstairs family. Jaime must find a top secret formula that the late Cyrus Carstairs (Vincent Price) planned to sell to the government. Unfortunately, there are others who want to find Cyrus’ formula just as bad. And Cyrus didn’t make finding it easy. He hid his belongings in his manor and now it’s up to his crooked relatives and employees to find them. This time Jaime has to use her special powers as well as her intelligence to solve the riddle and save the day.

This episode doesn’t actually have anything to do with black magic. I don’t know what the title refers to. The reason why I like this episode is that it has takes place in mysterious manor in the Louisiana swamp, there is an eery creature lurking in the manor and people disappear without a trace. And then there is the riddle to be solved. The miscellaneous group of characters are just perfect for this setting. There is Vincent Price in dual role as Cyrus and Manfred Carstairs. And who wouldn’t appreciate Vincent Price in a bit of a horror/mystery story? And then there’s ever so lovely Julie Newmar as Claudette Carstairs and Abe Vigoda as the butler. Great cast I would say. One thing that is lacking in Black Magic is Jaime and Oscar Goldman’s interaction. Oscar is not playing a major part in this story.


4 Responses to “The Bionic Woman – Black Magic S2 E7”

  1. You had me at VINCENT PRICE! I have never seen this show, but I will definitely check out this episode. 🙂

  2. mercurie80 Says:

    I haven’t seen The Bionic Woman since childhood, but this episode stands out for me because of its cast. Vincent Price, Julie Newman, William Windom, and Abe Vigoda! Casts don’t get any better than that! Anyhow, thank you so much for the post and taking part in the blogathon!

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