A-Z of Women – B


This is my second post for the blogging challenge in Tarukirja blog. Rules are straightforward:  You go through the alphabet and answer the following questions by naming women whose first or last name begins with the letter in question.There is no time limit.

  1. Who is your favourite female author?
  2. There is other culture besides literature. Who is your favourite woman in culture other than literature?
  3. Two questions, you can answer both or just one. A) The woman you would like to get to know better? B) Who is your absolute favourite and would like to bring to attention?

1. Anne Brontë. My favourite of the Brontë sisters. The Tenant of Wildfell Hall was an impressive novel.


2. Pauline Boty. She is definitely my favourite artist ever. One of the few famous female pop artists, she was almost completely forgotten after she died in 1966. I remember reading that her paintings were storaged in her brother’s barn and were salvaged when an exhibition was organized in 1998. See some pics here.

3A. Bodil Ipsen. She was a Danish film director. So far I’ve seen Mordets melodi (1944) and would like to see more. The funny thing about this film was that I noticed that the Danish language spoken in the 1940s seems to be easier to understand than contemporary Danish. Or maybe the actors just paid more attention to articulation…