Gunfighters, cowboys and vampires, oh my! There is a strange disease spreading in a small western town. Young girls are withering and slowly dying and the local medicine man, Dr. Carter,  has no cure. When Dr. Carter is found dead in his buggy it is the vicious and greedy neighbour Buffer who is blamed for the murder. And the doctor’s daughter Dolores is out to get him. Unfortunately, there is greater evil lurking on the prairie, a gunfighter named Drake Robey and he doesn’t mind a little bloodshed since he is also a vampire.

It sounds silly. The idea to combine a western and a vampire horror film is quite unusual. But this B movie pulls it of. I liked the references to Hammer’s Dracula and the traditional horror soundtrack. And then there were the classic old west gunfights and land disputes not forgetting a stand-up sheriff. And an independent and brave heroine who also plays the role of damsel in distress. Maybe it’s campy but good entertainment nonetheless.


DVD cover of the Italian release





Gavin Baddeley: Vampire Lovers – Screen’s Seductive Creatures of the Night (2010) Plexus Publishing.

I don’t know if this book offers any new information to those interested in vampires as popular culture characters. But I had to buy it anyway,  there is an article on Mitchell! The book is a compilation of short articles covering every major bloodsucker from television and film, from  Bela Lugosi’s Dracula to Ian Somerhalder’s Damon Salvatore. Naturally there is one chapter about Twilight and Robert Pattinson *yuck* but you can always skip that part. The book is illustrated with lavish photos (nothing you’d never seen before though). Makes you want to watch all those classic vampire flicks all over again.

Being Human dvd coverSo, I watched the second series of Being Human a while back. Got to say, I absolutely loved it. What’s not to love about this show? A vampire, a werewolf and a ghost living together in Bristol, trying to lead normal lives… and failing. Compared to all those boring and/or childish supernatural themed films and tv shows out there *sigh* Being Human is a breath of fresh air. I thought I would never enjoy a vampire show after Buffy again. While the first BH series was lighter and funnier, the second series is darker and more serious in tone. Mitchell (the vampire), George (the werewolf) and Annie (the ghost) have to come to grips with their true supernatural nature and live with the consequences. Mitchell (Aidan Turner) gives a new meaning to “seductive brooding vampire”, he certainly is no Angel. Definitely drooling material… Series Three is being filmed as we speak in Cardiff. Can’t wait to see the results. First series had only six episodes, second had eight. Apparently third series will have eight as well. That is the only downside, too few episodes for (the always hungry for more) fan.