Thanks to a friend I found Tom Robinson Band. First I was doubtful whether I would like the music, I mean punk music has never been my passion. But it turns out that I really don’t know anything about punk. This is a band that sings “Glad to Be Gay”, how could it not be great? I’ve been listening to TRB on Spotify every night this week and still going strong <3. Some people think that politics shouldn’t be mixed up with popular music. I mean, think about this annoying Bono character, suffering from Jesus syndrome. It’s not pretty. But not everybody does it the Bono way. Politics and popular music can go together perfectly, like in the case of Tom Robinson Band, promoting gay rights and working against racism.


Saw one of my idols, Henry Rollins, at a festival yesterday. The gig was, should I say, hot and intimate. Meaning that the sun was blazing and crowd was small though enthusiastic. I have to say that the man has a way with words. And he talks about things that really matter. He is funny and intense and smart and pissed off! Mr. Rollins talked about his travels to third world countries and his need to know and learn more about them. He thinks, and I agree, that true peace and freedom can only be achieved if we get to know one another and learn to communicate with words instead of guns. Mr. Rollins also eagerly promotes literacy which of course as a librarian is dear to my heart. To sum up, Mr. Rollins encouraged us to travel and to be less afraid. You can’t live your life scared in a cocoon. You have to see new things and meet people, that’s what life is all about. 

So. Henry Rollins is an angry idealist. And for that I just love him. Who wouldn’t?