Steve McQueen’s hand and footprints in forecourt of Grauman’s Chinese Theater.

Steve's hand and footprints

This is the closest I’m ever gonna get to my idol. I got to press my hand against the imprint Steve’s handprint. Millions of other people have touched it before me but nevertheless… I hope no one ever makes a biopic of Steve. There is no actor today worthy to portray The King of Cool. What if there already is such a film? What a horrible thought.


There have been several glorious female movie stars in the history of Finnish cinema but no one can hold a candle to Lea Joutseno (1910-1977). She appeared in fifteen films only but made her mark in film history. She starred in three film adaptations of Hilja Valtonen’s novels. The protagonists in these films are sassy, witty, independent and funny. A proper feminist idol I would say! Ms. Joutseno also worked on film scripts with her trusted director Valentin Vaala.


A couple of Lea Joutseno’s films are available on region 2 dvd. Unfortunately, Finnkino hasn’t invested in the releases at all. There are no subtitles, no remastering, no extras etc. At the very least there should be English subtitles so film lovers outside Finland could enjoy the talent of Ms. Joutseno.

The cover of Dynamiittityttö (Dynamite Girl) (1944)

Doesn’t it feel good when you’ve got something to obsess about? Like some dashing heroic fictional television character? Like Captain Jack Harkness? Or the talented and oh so handsome actor John Barrowman who plays Captain Jack in Torchwood? Jack, the ultimate omnisexual or John, happily married gay man fascinate me to no end. Well, I am girl who likes gay boys, yes I’m one of those people 😛 But isn’t it human nature to want something you can’t have? Okay, it isn’t just the good looks or gigantic charisma. Mr. Barrowman is a phenomenal actor, just watch Torchwood! He is also an amazing singer which I got to witness first hand at the musical La Cage aux Folles. Such stage presence…

John Barrowman at the stage door.

High Time


paul_jonesFinally got my hands on Paul Jones’ new solo album Starting All Over Again. It’s been a long long time since the last solo album from him. Well, he’s been busy with the Blues Band, The Manfreds and his radio show on BBC2. ❤ The two things I adore the most are still there, his voice and the harmonica. Probably the greatest voice and the finest harmonica player ever! With Paul Jones it’s all about the blues. Starting All Over Again comprises some fine (blues) tunes, famous musicians and impressive arrangements. I especially enjoyed the title track as well as Still True and I’m Gone. I can’t exactly put it into words why. It’s just beautiful. And I can only imagine how these songs would sound like live. Maybe I’ll get a chance to hear him again live someday.

It’s good to know that some things never change. Mr. Jones’ music (solo work, with Manfred Mann, The Blues Band etc.) has been with me for a long time. I listened to Manfred Mann when I was a teenager and desperate (for various things). I played Paul Jones’ solo albums nonstop in my stereo when I was in high school. I had a  Blues Band addiction in university. And still his music moves me. I’m lucky.
Paul Jones with the Blues Band in 2007  ©grezilda

Paul Jones with the Blues Band in 2007 ©grezilda

Saw one of my idols, Henry Rollins, at a festival yesterday. The gig was, should I say, hot and intimate. Meaning that the sun was blazing and crowd was small though enthusiastic. I have to say that the man has a way with words. And he talks about things that really matter. He is funny and intense and smart and pissed off! Mr. Rollins talked about his travels to third world countries and his need to know and learn more about them. He thinks, and I agree, that true peace and freedom can only be achieved if we get to know one another and learn to communicate with words instead of guns. Mr. Rollins also eagerly promotes literacy which of course as a librarian is dear to my heart. To sum up, Mr. Rollins encouraged us to travel and to be less afraid. You can’t live your life scared in a cocoon. You have to see new things and meet people, that’s what life is all about. 

So. Henry Rollins is an angry idealist. And for that I just love him. Who wouldn’t?